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Unit 3. Teen stress and pressure. Lesson 1. Getting started

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Người gửi: Nguyễn Võ Bích Ngọc
Ngày gửi: 15h:59' 29-09-2021
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Unit 3: Teen stress and pressure
Saturday, October 2nd, 2021
I. New words:
bực bội
(vì không giải quyết được việc gì)
người tốt nghiệp, tốt nghiệp
tense (adj):
căng thẳng
assure (v):
cam đoan, đảm bảo
depressed (adj):
tuyệt vọng
Look at the picture and answer the questions.
Who are they?
Where are they?
What are they going to do?
What are they talking about?
Why do you think Mai couldn’t come?
Veronica: Hi Phuc! Where`s Mai? Isn`t she coming?
Phuc: She said she was too tired and didn`t want to go out. She`s been staying up late studying for the exam.
Nick: Does she need to be that stressed out?
Phuc: Maybe not. But my parents always expect her to get good grades and she doesn`t want to disappoint them. They want her to go to a top college and study medicine.
Veronica: Really? She told me she wanted to be a designer...
Phuc: Yes, that`s why she`s been a bit tense lately. She doesn`t know what to do. My parents said design graduates wouldn`t find jobs easily and they wanted her to get a medical degree.
Veronica: Oh, I understand. Sometimes I wish my parents could put themselves in my shoes...
Nick: Anyway, Mai needs to take a break. I`ll call and ask her if she wants to go and see a film with us tomorrow.
Phuc: Oh, I doubt it... She`s already fully booked for the weekend with her maths class, English class, judo class, and music lesson!
1. Listen and read.
Getting started:
She`s been a bit tense lately...
a. Find the OPPOSITE of the following words in the text.
1. to go to bed early
2. to be relaxed
3. bad exam results
4. to make someone happy
5. to work continuously
6. to have no plans
≠ to stay up late
≠ to be stressed out
≠ good grades
≠ to disappoint s.o.
≠ to take a break
≠ to be fully booked
1. Why is Mai not playing badminton with Phuc, Nick, and Veronica?
A. She doesn`t like playing badminton.
B. She is late.
C. She wants to stay at home.
2. Why is Mai working very hard for the exam?
A. She failed the last exam.
B. She wants her parents to be proud of her.
C. She wants to compete with her classmates.
3. How is Mai feeling now?
A. Confident and tired
B. Tense and disappointed
C. Tired and stressed
b. Choose the best answer.
4. What do Mai`s parents want her to be?
A. A medical doctor
B. A designer
C, A musician
5. What does Mai want to be?
A. A medical doctor
B. A designer
C. A musician
6. What are Phuc, Nick, and Veronica trying to do?
A. Understand Mai`s situation and help her feel better.
B. Make Mai feel left out.
C. Find somebody else to replace Mai for the badminton.
c. What do you think Veronica means when she says, “ Sometimes I wish my parents could put themselves in my shoes”?
- Veronica wishes her parents could put themselves in her situation to better understand her.
d. Fill the gaps with the words in the box.
In some cases more than one word may be suitable.

1. Thu had been studying very hard for the exam, but she still felt _________________. Now that she has done well in the exam she is feeling much more ______________ .
2. My mother is a strong person. She stays __________ even in the worst situations.
3. Linh is feeling a bit ________________ about her study. She`s failed the exam once again!
4. I think taking a speech class is a good idea if you want to be more _________________.
5. Emma is feeling so _________________ with her fashionable new hairstyle.
6. Phuc, Nick, and Veronica feel _______________.They want to help Mai but don`t know what they can do for her.
depressed ; frustrated
Many adjectives of emotions and feelings are formed from the -ed form of verbs: excited, relaxed, frustrated, etc. Can you find more examples?
- interested
- happy
- tired
- boring
__________: to be able to understand how someone else feels

2. __________: to give someone support and confidence to do something

3. __________: to give suggestions and ideas to help somebody make a decision

4. __________: to tell someone that something is going to be all right, so that they do not worry

What do ‘give advice’, ‘encourage’, ‘empathise’, and ‘assure’ mean? Match the word with the correct definitions.
give advice
Đưa ra lời khuyên", "khuyến khích", "thấu cảm" và
"đảm bảo" có nghĩa là gì? Nối từ với các định nghĩa đúng.
đồng cảm để có thể hiểu cảm giác của người khác
khuyến khích cung cấp cho ai đó sự hỗ trợ và sự tự tin để làm điều gì đó
đưa ra lời khuyên để đưa ra đề xuất và ý tưởng để giúp ai đó đưa ra quyết định
đảm bảo nói với ai đó rằng mọi thứ sẽ ổn, để họ không lo lắng
3. Match the statements with the functions
1. `Go on! I know you can do it!`
2. `If I were you, I would (get some sleep).`
3. `You must have been really disappointed.`
4. `Stay calm. Everything will be alright.`
5. `I understand how you feel.‘
6. ‘Well done! You did a really great job!’
encourage someone
give advice to someone
empathise with someone
asure someone
empathise with someone
encourage someone
give advice to someone encourage someone
empathise with someone assure someone
Choose the word with the different stress pattern
Answer key
Prepare “A closer look 1"
Practise the dialogue with your friends
Learn vocabulary and expressions by heart
Home Work
Thank you for your attention!
Good bye
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