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The Roman

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Nguồn: internet+sgk
Người gửi: Nguyễn Trà My
Ngày gửi: 18h:04' 10-12-2008
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English for History
Theme: The Roman

Lecturer : Nguyen Ki Nam
Class : 2B

Roman Empire is a territory that once existed in Europe, North Africa, Middle East and in 753 BC by the Roman control and crash into the year 476. In many century , it includes all of Western Europe and all territories surrounding the Mediterranean Sea and some land surrounding the Black Sea.
The residents of Roman freedom is divided into 2 classes: aristocrat and average citizens. The aristorat are ethnic classes dominate.
Taking each other between classes and banned the title races you can only inheritance is not received.

Start period in order Republic, the citizens also divided into different classes based on the weapons that they can be purchased for military obligations. Rich classes especially those riding horses . Later Republic has a fixed amount of assets being replaced by military as the basis of class division. The classes are much power and prestige than the political classes below. This system also lost its significance after the abolishment of the Republic.

Roman weapons
Acient roman
Acient roman
II. Family
III. Wedding
For classes Roman aristocracy, the father often start looking for husband for their daughter when their daughter about 12-14 years old. Husband may be greater than her mark about two years old or even triple times her age. Most of them are or she does not object to it - although there are evidence that some girls have the right to choose their own husband (wife and daughter of Cicero self-aware search for her husband). While the upper classes to save on wedding is very young, are evidence shows that women belonging to lower classes to save - typically marry later on about the age of ten may, the top twenty. Friends and family attended the espousal ceremony before the wedding.
Roman jewelry
The economy
Roman coins

IV. Education

The objective of education in Roma is to make the students become the orotund have great influence. Schools opened on 24 months in 3 rows. Each school day begins on the morning and lasts until the end of evening. Generally, these children are taught to read and write by their father .
V. Arts and literature
Roma has produced many a writer and playwright. Many literary writing by the author of Roma in the first period in order of the Republic of nature or political movement phng. Especially the structure of training from Cicero is very popular. A few of our plays are most preferred in the first period in order of the Republic are harmless drama, especially the wife`s Terence, a Roman slavery has been paid freedom arrested during the first Punic War most.
ancient-roman-architectur-arch of Constantine
ancient-roman-architectur-roman forum, restored
ancient-roman-architectur-roman villa
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