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Part 1. Listen and circle the appropriate answer A, B, C or D. You will hear the recording twice. (1pt)
What will they have for dinner?
A. pizza B. fish and chips C. salmon D. spaghetti
2. What will the man do tonight?
A. play football B. play cricket C. go to the cinema D. go to the theatre
3. How will they get to the airport?
A. by tram B. by car C. by bus D. by train
4. What will the woman wear?
A. a coat B. an anorak C. a sweater D. a jacket

Part 2. Listen and write. You will hear the recording twice. (1pt)
Dad’s birthday
What time can they have the party? at_______________________.
2. How many people can come? ________________ people.
3. What color is the cake? It’s ___________________.
4. What can the boy tidy? He can tidy the __________.

Circle the word A, B, C or D whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others. (1pt)
A. lived B. watched C. talked D. stopped
A. change B. toothache C. choose D. champion
A. hair B. how C. hour D. high
4. A. easy B. earn C. heat D. seat
II. Circle the best answer among A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences. (1,5pts)
The house is _________ than the apartment.
A. expensiver B. most expensive C. expensive D. more expensive
2. Sydney Opera House __________ in 1973.
A. completed B. was completed C. is completed D. completes
3. Mrs. Hoa told her daughter how______ from My Son to Hoi An.
A. to go B. goes C. went D. go
4. We can ______ the amount of garbage by using tree leaves to wrap things.
A. reduce B. recycle C. reuse D. save
5. The boy does morning exercise _____________.
A. regularly B. irregular C. regular D. regularly
6. “ Would you mind opening the window?” “______”
A. Yes, I would B. Good idea C. Thank you D. I’m sorry, I can’t
III. Give the correct tense/ form of the verbs in brackets. (1pt)
Ba ( take ) a shower at eight o’clock last night. 1.__________________
2. Bao always ( forget) his homework. 2.__________________
3. The Le family was sleeping when the mailman ( come ). 3.__________________
4. You ( see ) the film Jurassic Park yet? 4.__________________
IV. Give the correct form of word in brackets. ( 0,5pt)
Our ______ is included in the ticket price. ( ACCOMMODATE ) 1. ___________________
2. Kim Lien village is very quiet and _____ . ( PEACE ) 2. ___________________
Read the passage and do the tasks below. (1pt)
The zipper is a wonderful invention. How did people ever live without zipper? Zipper are very common, so we forget that they are wonderful. They are very strong, but they open and close very easily. They come in many colors and sizes.
Whitcomb L. Judson invented the zipper in 1893. He was an engineer in Chicago. He called the zipper a slide fastener. However, it didn’t stay closed very well. This was embarrassing, and people didn’t buy many of them. Then Dr. Gideon Sundback put the hooks on the strips of cloth. The cloths holds all the hooks in place. They don’t come apart very easily. This solved the problem of the first zipper.
Choose the best answer A, B, C or D.
By whom was the zipper invented?
A. Whitcomb L. Judson B. Dr. Gideon Sundback C. Dr. Gideon L. Judson D. Whitcomb Sundback
2. What did Whitcomb L. Judson call zipper?
A. a hook B. a slide C. a slide fastener D. color hook
Answer questions.
3. What did Dr. Sundback do to solve this problem? ->_______________________________
4. Did Dr. Sundback make the zipper better? -> ______________________________________
II. Read the passage and circle the best answer A, B, C or D. ( 1pt )
Christmas is the biggest(1)_______ of the year in most of Britain. Celebrations start on 24 December, Christmas Eve, (2)_____ there have been several weeks of preparations beforehand. The Christmas trees, presents, food, drinks and(3) _____ have been bought. Christmas cards have already been sent to friends and relatives. About a week before Christmas, people usually put up these things and an angle on the top (4)____ the Christmas tree. Family presents are usually put under the tree.
A. trip B. holiday C. tour D. summer
A. and B. so C. because D. although
A. decorate B. decorating C. decorated D. decorations
4. A. with B. at C. in D. of
Part 1. Rewrite the sentences so that it means the same as the first one, beginning with the given words. (1pt )
Following your directions is very easy.
-> It is______________________________________________________
2. Hoa and Lan said: “ We can fix our computer”
-> Hoa and Lan said_________________________________________________---
Part 2. In about 60-80 words, write a paragraph about a city you visited. (1pt)
His parents are very proud ………. their sons . b . about c . Of
First of all ,you have to fill ……. this application form and hand it in before July 30. a. up b. out c. of
Yesterday while I was cleaning up the basement . I came ……some old letters . a. up b. upon c. across
You will pass the exam if you work ……. . a. hardly b. hard c. good
5. They were not very happy because the attendance at their concert was……… a. little b. few c poor
6. My sister needs lots of help ………. chemistry. a. with b. on c at
7. Tam has played the piano ………. . 6 years . a. since b for c. in
8. Do you know what movie is ……tonight ?”Was and Peace”. a. in b . at c. on
9. Hoa, you should learn this ……. . heart. a. by b. in c. upon
10. My brother likes exercising . He practices……. weights every day. a. to lift b. lifting c. lift
11. My sister likes fashion . She ………lots of money on clothes. a. uses b. consumes c. spends
12. She walked so……. . We could not keep up with her . a. quick b. lively c. fast
13. This is the oldest church ……the city . a. of b. in c. to
14.Traffic is too bad . His father won/t ……. . him ride his motorbike. a. permit b. allow c. let
15. My printer is not the same ……. . that one . a. like b. with c. as
16. My grandmother is sick . I have to stay at home and look………. her. a. at b. after c. up
17. He does not play the guitar now but did he ………. to play . a. used b. use c. using
18. Who painted the bookcase for you?. Nobody . I painted it ……… a. by myself b. for myself c. myself
19. It’s too late. ………. take a taxi home. . a. Let’s b. Let c. Let is
20. My elder sister enjoys ………… a. cook b. to cook c. cooking
21. Remember to keep all medicine out of the children’s……. . a. hand b. eyes c. reach
22. The Earth ……round the Sun . a. goes b. is going c. has gone
23. Tam has a good sense of humor . People always laugh ……his jokes. a. with b. on c. at
24. That sign means we ……. . turn right . a. oughtn’t b. mustn’t c. shouldn’t

25. I don’t like that movie . It’s so ………… a. bored b. boring c. exciting
26. First of all ,break that chocolate ………. small pieces. a. onto b. into c. to
27. His car was……. . by a van . a. broken b. hit c. crashed

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