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Unit 6. Population

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Người gửi: Nguyễn Thị Mỹ Hạnh
Ngày gửi: 20h:39' 16-11-2010
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Welcome to Class 11A8
Unit 6: Population
Group 6:
Hải Triều
Trâm Anh
Mỹ Hạnh
Duy Anh
Quốc Trung
Which problems are the most important in these statement ? And Why ?

Which problems will we have
when we are overpopulated?
The rapid growth of the world`s population over the past one hundred years results from a difference between the rate of birth and the rate of death. The human population will increase by 1 billion people in the next decade. This is like adding the whole population of China to the world`s population.

Nowadays, many countries are facing up to overpopulation-serious problem.
Many people regard the rapid population growth of developing countries as our most serious environmental problems. Others think that the population growth in developed countries, though smaller, is actually a greater threat to the environment. What kinds of problems result from population growth in developing countries and in industrialized countries ???
Rapid human population growth has a variety of consequences.
First, the environment is not and has never been in a stable condition. It is a myth that the environment is a stable condition. It is a myth that the most remote places on Earth have been completely changed gradually by humanity, already, hundreds of times.

Let’s take Australia for example: soon after people moved in 70,000 years ago, it was deforested, 10 foot tall man-eating birds and giant sloths, …etc, were wiped out. Nothing is ever the same as it was, and can not ever remain the same. Giant cave bears, tigers, and whooly mammoths ... wiped out. Easter Island, wiped out and deforested. Corn farming in America for 20,000 years, left deserts. Ferile pigs wiped out 1,000,000 species all over. All is artificial, and don’t like it was. With that introduction I have just said that we are changing the environment
The aboriginals
Forest fire by human
After the fire
Second, that is the shortage of food as well as low living standards. And another result of overpopulation is poor living conditions. For example:
+ Decreasing availability of food and clothes. + Acute shortage of drinking and irrigation water.
+ Increase housing problems in cities or towns. + Unemployment problems of serious dimension both in urban and rural areas leading to reduced per capita earning, poverty.
+ Lack of school/ hospital/ teacher/ doctor/ nurse/ education/ facilities colleges

We don’t have enough food for everyone.
Lack of water
Water pollution
Poor living conditions
Homeless children
Shortage of food
Next, some more possible consequences :
+ Very high vehicular movement in cities / towns leading to accidents, pollution.
+ Serious problem connected to vast urban waste generation and its disposal.
+ Unending demands for civic amenities like roads, transport, markets …..
+ Increased inflation.
+ Increased borrowings from international organisations.
+ Social evils.
+ Illiteracy.

For example: In India, the over population has engulfed almost all our achievements in industrial growth, agricultural production, supporting services like medical care, housing, transport, education, banking …etc. It has put serious pressures on every sector of our economy and every section of society. Almost all our national problems can be traced back to have their roots in overgrowing population.
More garbage
Traffic Jam
India`s always been famous for its maddening crowds
Air pollution
Social evils
Useful language:
First/firstly, second/secondly, next and so on
On the other hand,…
Besides, moreover, in addition,…
The first problem is that….
Task 4: Talk about the problems of overpopulation and offer solution, using the results of task 2 and 3.
to have
male children
to modern
and family
Possible Consequences
shortage of food, clean water, and energy
unhealthy living conditions
unwillingness to practice
There are several possible solutions to population explosion problem.
- The government should carry out population education programs to raise people’s awareness about overpopulation.
- Birth contol programs should be applied nationwide. One family should only have one or two kids. This can helps families to avoid having financial problems and raise family living standard so they can take care of their children better.
- Couples should be encouraged to join family planning classes to have more knowledge about birth-control.
The government should enforce some rules to control the number of children each family and the period between two births (for those countries which allows to have more than one child per family).
They should also implement reward and punishment policy.
A good population control
Higher living standard.
Improve sanitation and batter health care.
Have more access to education.

Sustainable economic development.
Good bye >
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