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Unit 11. Books

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Người gửi: Phạm Trung Hiếu
Ngày gửi: 08h:49' 27-01-2022
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welcome to kim thanh High School!
- incredible /in`kredəbl/ (adj):

- wilderness /`wildənis/ (n):
vùng hoang dã
- reunite/,ri:ju:`nait/ (v):
sum họp
- distinct /dis`tiηkt/ (adj):
khác biệt
không thể tin được
- faithful (adj):
= loyal (trung thành)
- survive /sə`vaiv/ (v):
sống lâu hơn ai; sống sót
Unit 11: Books – Listening
-personality /pɜsən’æl.ə.ti/ (n) :
Tính cách
-fascinating /’fæsɪneɪtɪŋ/ (a) :
Hấp dẫn
-unnoticed /ʌn’nəʊtɪst/ (a) :
Không bị nhận ra
Vocabulary checking
Fill in each of the blank with one suitable word
He was able to .......... without food for 15 days. That was ...............!
People`s clothes are often an expression of their ............... .
They went on a long train .......... across India.
Last night she was ................with her children after her long business trip.
I found the whole film very ................ .
The burglar entered their house .............. .
It’s not easy to live in the ................ .
 Listen to a woman talking about the book that she has just read and do the tasks that follow.
TASK 1: Listen and choose the best answer
1. The title of the book is………
A. Canadian Wilderness. B. The Incredible Journey. C. Sheila Burnford.
2. The book is about………..
A. a Canadian family B. three Canadian friends C. three animal friends
3. Where does the Canadian family go?
A. To visit a friend who lives 300 miles away. B. To England.
C. To the Canadian wilderness.
4. Why do the animals leave the friend’s house?
A. They want to find their owners.
B. They want to know how to survive life in the wilderness.
C. They were not well treated by the friend.
5. What is the central theme of the book?
A. How the animals can survive life in the wilderness in order to get home.
B. How to resolve an animal problem.
C. How to take care of other people.

Task 2: Decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F).

anyone who likes animals

well treated
Task 3:
Listen again and fill in each of the gaps in the passage with ONE word only.
Each animal has a distinct personality, but they care for one another almost as if they were a (1)….. ……The most impressive of them is the old dog. The journey was the most difficult for him, but amazingly he found the (2)……….... to make it
The author didn’t try to turn the animals into people, speaking and acting like (3)…………… .Instead, she was faithful to her characters as animals and showed us their (4)……….. Through animal eyes. That made the book interesting and unbelievable
I would recommend the book to anyone who likes animals .I think that anyone who has ever had a(5)…… or wanted one would enjoy it
The advantages of reading the book “Incredible Journey”

It helps us to understand more about animals.
It widens our knowledge about the wilderness.
We can know how animals survive in the wilderness.
- It changes our attitude toward animals and helps us love them more.
- It makes us aware of the need to protect animals (in general) and endangered animals (in particular).
It helps to relax our mind.

Discussion: What are the advantages of reading the following books?
Reading X is good for me because ................... .
I like reading Y because ................... .
I think Z can be a good book as ................... .
- Write a short paragraph about the importance of reading books .
- Prepare the Writing Lesson .
Thank you for your attention!
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