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Unit 2. Health. Lesson 2. A closer look 1

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Người gửi: Huỳnh Lê Trinh
Ngày gửi: 20h:57' 13-10-2021
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Thursday, October 7th , 2021
Period 11 : Unit 2 (Cont.)
A. cough
B. flu
C. stomachache
D. sunburn
E. toothache
F. spots
G. allergy
H. put on weight
Grammar: Imperatives with more and less
b. Use:

V + O + MORE / LESS + N.
We can use the imperative for direct commands, orders or suggestions.

+ Do more exercise.
+ Eat more fruit / vegetables
+ Sleep more.
+ Wash your hands more
+ Eat less junk food.
+ Sunbathe less
+ Watch less TV.
+ Spend less time playing computer games.
1. Look at the pictures. Which advice would you give to each of these people? Use the imperatives with more or less.
- Eat more fruit / vegetables.
- Sleep more.
- Wash your hands more.
He is having a flu.
+ Spend less time playing computer games.
He has problem with his eyesight.
Do more exercise.
Eat less junk food.
She is overweight and she is obese now.
Sunbathe less.
She gets serious sunburns.
2. Top health tips for teens
Look at the health tips in the yellow box. Which six do you think are the most important to you and your classmates? Explain why?
Ex: I think the tip “Watch less TV” is the most important because most of the students in my class spend so much time watching TV.
We asked doctors and health experts around the world for their top health tips. Do you want to know how you can stay healthy? Then read on!
3. Look at the article on the Teen Health website. Fill in the blanks to complete their top six health tips.
1. ________________________________
Staying in shape is our most important tip. You can play football, or even go for long walks. It’s OK, but make sure it’s times a week or more.
2. ________________________________
Getting plenty of rest is really important! It helps you to avoid depression and it helps you to concentrate at school. You’ll also be fresher in the morning!
Do more exercise.
Sleep more.
3. ________________________________
You are what you eat! So make sure it’s healthy food like fruit and vegetables, not junk food.. It can help you to avoid obesity too.

4. ________________________________
It’s so easy to get flu. We should all try to keep clean more. Then flu will find it harder to spread.
Eat less junk food.
Wash your hands more.
5. ________________________________
There are some great things to watch. But too much isn’t good for you or your eyes.
6. ________________________________
Many of us love computer games, but we should spend less time playing them. Limit your time to just one hour, two or three days a week, or less.
Watch less TV.
Spend less time playing computer games
Compound sentences:
a. Form:
Simple sentence,
b. Use:
when we want to join two ideas, we can link two simple sentences to form a compound sentence. We can do this using a coordinating conjunction like and (for addition), or (for choice), but (for contrast), or so (for a result)
Simple sentence.

4. Make compound sentences by joining the two simple sentences. Use the conjunction given. Remember to add a comma.
1. I want to eat some food. I have a sore throat. (but)

2. The Japanese eat healthily. They live for a long time. (so)

3. I feel tired. I feel weak. (and)

4. You can go and see the doctor. You can go to bed now and rest. (or)

 I want to eat some food, but I have a sore throat.
 The Japanese eat healthily, so they live for a long time.
 I feel tired, and I feel weak.
 You can go and see the doctor, or you can go to bed now and rest.
5. Match the beginnings of the sentences with the picture that completes them.
1. Nick washes his hands a lot , so ….
2. David eats lots of junk food, and ….
3. The doctor told Elena she should sleep more, or
4. My sister plays computer games, but …
she should try to relax more.
she does exercise too.
he doesn’t do exercise.
he doesn’t have flu.
1. You may have an allergy. Be careful with what you eat and drink. (so)

2. Tom has a temperature. Tom has a sore throat. (and)

3. I want to buy other car. I have no money. (but)

4. It’s raining. I will stay at home and sleep. (so)

5. I pass the test. My parents took me to the cinema. (therefore)

6. I feel sleepy. I must finish the report. (however)

7. I wanted to buy a set of Lego. I started to save my money. (so)
Exercise 1: Combine sentences, using appropriate coordinating conjunction in the box.
You may have an allergy, so be careful with what you eat and drink.
Tom has a temperature and a sore throat.
I want other car but I have no money.
It’s raining, so I’ll stay home and read.
I passed the test; therefore, my parents took me to the circus.
I feel sleepy; however, I must finish the report.
I wanted to buy a set of Lego, so I started to save my money.
Exercise 1: Complete the sentences with the words given:
and    but    or     so  
1. I feel tired, _____I feel weak.
2. The Japanese eat healthily, _____they live for a long time.
3. I have flu, _____I don`t feel very tired.
4. You should eat less fast food, _____you can put on weight.
5. You can go and see the doctor, _____you can go to bed now and rest.
6. The Japanese eat a lot of rice, _____they eat lots of fish, too.
7. I want to eat ice-cream, _____I have a sore throat
8. The Americans often eat fast food, _____ many of them are overweight.
9. You can walk, _____ you can ride a bike to get there.
Write the answers in your exercise notebook .
Prepare : Communication
(page 21)
thank you for your attendance!
goodbye and see you again!
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