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Unit 5. Higher education

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Matching these Vietnamese names of some universities with their English names:
Are you going to enter a university after you finish high school?
2. How will you feel when you first start a new university?
Unit 5:
Lesson 1: Reading
Three students talk about their first impressions of university life. Read the passages, and then do the tasks that follow.
TASK 1: Complete the following sentences, using the right forms of the words in the box.
Campus, blame, scary, challenge, amazing
The new library was built in the centre of the________.
2. They ________ the rise in oil price for the big increase in inflation last year.
3. That’s the _______ story I’ve heard.
4. Intelligent boys like to study something if it really ___________ them.
5. The new car goes at an ________ speed.
Campus (n) /`kæmpəs/
khuôn viên trường
Fight back tears /`fait bæk tiəs/
nén khóc
Blame (v) /bleim/
đổ lỗi
Daunting (a)/`dɔ:ntiη
chán nản
sửng sốt, ngạc nhiên
Amazing (a) /ə`meiziɳ/
Scary (a) /`skeəri/
sợ hãi
= friend: bạn
Mate (n) /meit/
1. Campus (n) /`kæmpəs/
E. khuôn viên trường
2. Fight back tears /`fait bæk tiəs/
C. nén khóc
3. Blame s.b for (v) /bleim/
G. đổ lỗi
4. Daunting (a)/`dɔ:ntiη
F. chán nản
B. sửng sốt, ngạc nhiên
5. Amazing (a) at /ə`meiziɳ/
6. Scary (a) /`skeəri/
D. sợ hãi
A. = friend: bạn
7. Mate (n) /meit/
Three students talk about their first impressions of university life. Read the passage, and then do task 2

Line 7
Line 17-18-19
Line 12-13-14-15
Line 23 - 24
Line 3
Line 21
1. On the first weekend, Sarah was................., because she didn`t have to explain to her parents where she was going. However, she felt......after attending a party with her roommate, because no one attended her existence.
2. Having problems with her roommate, Ellen thought college was a little.....She felt .....but a little...after seeing the same people over and over for many year.
3. Brenden` first year at college was probably the best and most ...... year of his life, because he had a lot of chances to use his creativity and knowledge to help society.
1. On the first weekend Sarah ________.
A. went out with her new friends.
B. walked around campus.
C. went out with her roommate to a party.
D. All are correct.
2. Sarah felt so lonely at the party_____

A. because she didn’t see any one.
B. because she couldn`t dance.
C. because no one paid attention to her existence.
D. because they were busy eating.
3. Ellen didn’t get along well with her roommate because................

A. her roommate let the windows open all the time.
B. her roommate went to bed at 10 evey night.
C. her roommate blamed Ellen’s typing and having a light on while she was trying to sleep.
D. All are correct.
4. Brenden thought that his first year at

A. was the best and most challeging year of his life.
B. was the boring time of his life.
C. gave him a chance to use his creativity and knowledge to help society.
D. A, C are correct.
5. The social calendar of the colleges provides Brenden________.

A. plenty of time to make new friends.
B. plenty of opportunities to meet non-engineering students as well as other engineers.
C. plenty of time to play sports
D. plenty of chance to go sightseeing
-Learn by heart new words
-Imagine and write a paragraph (about 80 words) to tell about your felling when you start your first week in a university
- Prepare the next lesson
Home work
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