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Unit 14. International organizations

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Warm-up: Matching
1. UN
3. WHO
4. WWF
United Nations
United Nations
Children’s Fund
World Health
World Wildlife
1. What is this organization?
Red Cross
2. What kind of activities
is this organization involved in?
- It’s involved in activities that help to reduce sufferings of all kinds of major disasters. It also gives medical care to the needed people.
3. Is there a national Red Cross Society in Vietnam?

Answer the following questions:
Unit 14: International Organizations
A: Reading
Unit 14: International organizations – Reading
- dedicate

- appeal
- appal
(v) Cống hiến
(v) Khởi đầu, khởi xướng
(v)Kêu gọi
(v) Kết quả là, dẫn đến
(v) Làm kinh hãi, choáng



This woman has ______________ her whole life to helping others.
Police have __________________ for witnesses to the accident.
The company _________________ a management training programme for small business.
She was _______________ to hear that her husband had been arrested.
The crash __________________ in the deaths of 10 passengers.
Unit 14: International organizations – Reading – Task 1
Read the passage again and complete
the following sentences:
Unit 14: International organizations – Reading – Task 2
1. The Read Cross is aimed at providing medical aid and other help to victims of natural disasters.
2. The foundation of International Red Cross was inspired by a Swiss man called Harry Dunant
3. The Geneva Convention was first signed in 1864.
4. The symbol of the Red Cross has three colors.
5. The International Red Cross has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.
True or False statement:
1. The Read Cross gives medical aid and other help to victims of natural disasters.
4. The symbol of the Red Cross has two colors: the white flag bearing a red cross.
What is the Red Cross Federation’s mission?
How many countries in the world have national Red Cross societies?
What are the advantages of having national Red Cross societies?
Unit 14: International organizations – Reading – Task 3
Its mission is to improve the lives
of he vulnerable people.
2. Now there are 186 national Red
Cross societies in the world.
3. The people in that country can
Get quick help and support when they get struck by natural disasters or other major difficulties.

The International Red Cross started over 135 years ago, inspired by a Swiss businessman, Henry Dunant. He had been (1)_____________ at the suffering of thousands of men, on both sides, who were left to die due to (2)______________ of care after the Battle of Solferino in 1859. He proposed the creation (3)_______________ national relief societies, comprised of volunteers, trained in peacetime to provide neutral and impartial help to relieve the sufferings (4)________________ time of war.
Unit 14: International organizations - Reading- Post reading
Gap filling: one word for one gap

Learn by heart the new words.
Summarize the text
Do "reading" part in sts` book.
Unit 14: International organizations – Reading
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