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Unit 1. Local environment. Lesson 1. Getting started

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conical hats  
Lesson 1: Getting started
A visit to a traditional craft village
Unit 1:
1. Who and what can you see in the picture?
3. What do you think
the people in the
picture are talking
2. Where are they?
(n) artisan /ˌɑːtɪˈzæn/
thợ thủ công
set up (ph.v)
workshop /ˈwɜːkʃɒp/
conical hat /ˈkɒnɪkl hæt/
take over (ph.v)
xây dựng
xưởng/công xưởng
nón lá
sản phẩm thủ công
tiếp quản
1. Listen and read:
Nick: There are so many pieces of pottery here, Phong. Do your grandparents make all of them?
Phong: They can`t because we have lots of products. They make some and other people make the rest.
Nick: As far as I know, BatTrang is one of the most famous traditional craft villages of Ha Noi, right?
Phong: Right. My grandmother says it`s about 700 years old.
Mi: Wow! When did your grandparents set up this workshop?
Phong: My great-grandparents started it, not my grandparents. Then my grandparents took over the business. All the artisans here are my aunts, uncles, and cousins.
Mi: I see. Your village is also a place of interest of Ha Noi, isn`t it?
Phong: Yes. People come here to buy things for their house. Another attraction is they can make pottery themselves in workshops.
Nick: That must be a memorable experience.
Phong: In Viet Nam there are lots of craft villages like Bat Trang. Have you ever been to any others?
Mi: I`ve been to a conical hat making village in Hue!
Nick: Cool! This is my first one. Do you think that the various crafts remind people of a specific region?
Mi: Sure. It`s the reason tourists often choose handicrafts as souvenirs.
Phong: Let`s go outside and look round the village.


set up
take over  
1.a. Can you find a word/phrase that means?
specific region    
look round
1. Where are Nick, Mi, and Phong?
They are at Phong’s grandparents’ workshop in Bat Trang.
2. How old is the village?
It is about 700 years old.
3. Who started Phong’s family workshop?
His great-grandparents did.
4. Why is the village a place of interest in Ha Noi?
Because people can buy things for their house and make pottery themselves there.
5. Where is the craft village that Mi visited?
It is in Hue.
6. Why do tourists like to buy handicrafts as souvenirs?
Because the handicrafts remind them of a specific region.
1.b. Answer the following questions?
A. paintings
B. drums    
C. marble sculptures  
D. pottery 
2. Write the name of each traditional handicraft in the box under the picture.
E. Silk
F. Lacquerware
G. Conical hats  
H. Lanterns  
1. The birthplace of the famous bai tho ……………….   is Tay Ho village in Hue.
2. If you go to Hoi An on the 15th of each lunar month, you can enjoy the lights of many beautiful 
3. Van Phuc village in Ha Noi produces different types of ……………. products such as cloth,
scarves, ties, and dresses.
4. On the Tet holiday, many Hanoians go to Dong Ho village to buy folk……………….. .

5.  …………… products of Bau Truc, such as pots and vases, have the natural colours typical
of Champa culture in Ninh Thuan.

6. Going to Non Nuoc marble village in Da Nang, we’re impressed by a wide variety
of ……………......................from Buddha statues to bracelets.
conical hat
3. Complete the sentences with the words/ phrases from 2
marble sculptures
1. People go to this area to walk, play, and relax.
2. It is a place where objects of artistic, cultural, historical, of scientific interest are kept and shown.
3. People go to this place to see animals.
4. It is an area of sand, or small stones, beside the sea or a lake.
5. It is a beautiful and famous place in the countryside.
3. zoo
a. Work in pairs to do the quiz.
4. beach
5. beauty spot
- Learn by heart the new words
- Prepare for the next lesson
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