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Unit 6 . School outdoor activities

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Tham khảo cùng nội dung: Bài giảng, Giáo án, E-learning, Bài mẫu, Sách giáo khoa, ...
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Người gửi: Nguyễn Thụy Ngọc Thanh
Ngày gửi: 09h:15' 03-11-2009
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Unit 6:
School Outdoor Activities
Before you read
A. Look at the pictures. What do you think the people in the pictures are doing? Where are they?

Swimming and playing at the park
Hiking in the mountain
A. Look at the pictures. What do you think the people in the pictures are doing? Where are they?
Camping at the campsite
Playing soccer in a playground
B. Read what some people say about some activities. Then match each of them with one of the pictures.
1. My legs are tired now though I have a good pair of hiking boots and a walking stick. Unfortunately, T forgot the map. If I had it now, we could take a shortcut back………

2. The ball attracts us all. It’s most fun when you have a soccer game with other people. If I were not busy now, I would go and play soccer immediately……..

B. Read what some people say about some activities. Then match each of them with one of the pictures.
3. We were enjoying dancing and singing around the campfire when it began to rain. If it hadn’t rained, we would have stayed up all night………

4. We can enjoy a lot of water games and services there. The most thriling game is the slide through the pipes. We will go to that park next week. If we start early, we will have more time for other exciting games……..
New words
1. Activity (n) hoạt động
-> outdoor activities
2. Hiking boots: giày đi bộ
3. Walking stick: gậy đi bộ
4. Shortcut (n) đường tắt
5. Attract s/o (v)
6. Campfire (n) lửa trại
7. Campsite (n)
8. Camping -> camper (n)
9. Thrill (v) làm hồi hộp
10. Slide (v) trượt
11. Temporary (a) tạm thời
12. Participate in (v) tham gia
13. Benefit (n) lợi ích
14. Physical (a) ≠ mental
-> physical condition: đk thể chất
15. Involve in sth/doing sth (v)
16. Confident (a) tự tin, tin tưởng
17. Backpack (n) ba lô
18. Essential (a) cần thiết
19. Gear (n) thiết bị, dụng cụ
20. Suited for sb (a) thích hợp với
21. Preference (n) sở thích, …
-> personal preference
22. Regrettable (a) đáng tiếc
-> regretful (a) tiếc nuối, ân hận
23. Pleasant (a) ≠ unpleasant
24. Injury (n)
Reading text: Camping
Camping is an activity in which people live outdoors temporarily. Campers participate in fishing, hunting, swimming, wildlife watching, plant study, nature photography. It provides physical benefits when it involves hiking to, from, around a campsite, and many people believe that camping makes youngsters feel more confident.
Reading text: Camping
People throughout the world enjoy hiking to wilderness campsites. This activity is called backpacking because it involves carrying a backpack which contains such essential camping gear as a tent, a sleeping bag, foot, and clothing. Backpacking is best suited for those who are in good physical condition as it may require walking several miles.
Reading text: Camping
The key to any enjoyable camping trip is planning. A decision on where to camp depends on personal preference, but planning the trip before leaving helps campers avoid regrettable accidents. Many unpleasant situations – bad weather, possible injury, or simply a crowed campsite – will be less disappointing if campers are prepared.
A. The following statements can be true (T) or false (F). Then correct the false statements.
Camping helps people enjoy outdoor activities and nature ………..
The only purpose of camping is to have pleasure ………..
Camping not only strengthens your health but also makes you feel confident ……….
4. One form of camping is called backpacking because it involves hiking to wilderness campsites ………..
5. Backpacking is suited for everyone ………..
6. Careful planning can help campers avoid trouble ……….
7. A crowded campsite is good for all campers ………..
B. Find the words in the text with the following meanings.
1. For only a limited period of time
2. Animals, birds, and plants that live
in natural conditions
3. The activity of walking of long
distances in the countryside
4. Completely necessary
5. The equipment or clothing needed
for a particular activity
6. The most important thing that helps
you achieve something
7. A feeling of liking something better
than something else
8. Not as good as you hoped for or
C. Discuss in groups

What benefits does camping bring for you?
Thanks for your watching
The End
Mong cac thay co va cac ban dong gop y kien..em chi moi hoc lop 10 thoi, va do la bai giang dau tien tren lop ma em lam. Cam on!!Cười
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