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Unit 7. Recipes and eating habits. Lesson 6. Skills 2

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Ngày gửi: 20h:22' 13-02-2020
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Lesson 6: Skills 2
*Work in pairs. One of you looks at Picture A, and the other looks at Picture B on page 17. Ask each other questions to find out the differences between your pictures.
Picture A: A boy is eating chocolate. On the table there are junk foods such as crisps, a hamburger, soft drinks, and sweets. The boy looks fat.
Picture B: A girl is having rice. On the table we can see soup, fish, vegetables, and watermelon. The girl looks slim and fit.
Meaning: They show the contrast between healthy eating and unhealthy eating.

fried beef
a banana
two slices of bread
a boiled egg
steamed fish
⇒ I think Hoa and Khanh have healthy eating habits because they eat diverse food and a lot of vegetables; but Minh’s diet is not really healthy because he eats too much meat and rarely vegetables, he should eat more fruit and vegetables.
Sample writing:

My friend, Hang, does not have healthy eating habits. She sometimes skips breakfast. When she has it, she usually buys a hamburger and a soft drink from a café near our school. For lunch, her favourite is fried rice and deep-fried chicken. The good thing is that she prefers to have dinner at home. However, she likes eating a lot of rice and fatty pork for dinner. She rarely eats vegetables, but loves fruits.
I think Hang should change her diet. First, if she wants to have more energy for the day, she should never skip breakfast. Second, she must reduce the amount of fast food she eats. Also, eating more vegetables would be good for her. She should also eat less rice for dinner. These changes will definitely keep her fit.
- Learn by heart new words.
- Do all the exercises again
- Prepare Unit 7 : Looking back
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