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Review 4. (10-11-12). Lesson 2. Skills

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Review 4
Skills (P.69)
What can you see in the picture?
I. Reading:
1. Which of the causes of hunger below do you think is the most serious in your country?
Hunger has become a serious problem in many parts of the world.
The first cause of hunger is the fast growth of population. The Earth is no longer able to feed its more than seven billion people. There is not enough land for growing food.
The change of climate also brings to the Earth more weather-related disasters such as storms and droughts … They heavily destroy crops.
Wars are still happening. People are fighting, or running away from home. There’s nobody to work on the field or in the factory to produce food.
Technology is working hard to help solve part of this problem. In the future, we will have warning systems to reduce the loss from natural disasters. Low-cost means of transport will also be used to carry food to area-in-need.
1. Drought is an example of ______________. disasters B. a human activities C.climate
2. One possible consequence of a war is that ______________.
A.people will buy food from other countries
B.people cannot work to produce food C.more disasters will happen
3. The problem of hunger can be solved with the help of ______________.
A.expensive means of transport C.wars
1. Read and choose the best answer:
II. Speaking:
3. Game
III. Listening:
A. The effects
B. The environment
C. Our actions
4. Which option do you think is closest in meaning to the word “footprint” ?
III. Listening:
5. Listen and answer the question
1. What word is Phong searching for?
2. Does this word have only one meaning?
3. Does Phong explain the meaning of this word to Nam?
4. What happens if we take care of the trees around us?
He is searching for the meaning of “footprint.
No, it doesn’t.
Yes, he does.
There will be a lot of greenery around you.
IV. Writing: Imagine an ideal means of transport for your area. Write a short
description of it
In your writing, you should mention:
• the name you give to it
• what it is like
• what kind of energy it uses
• why it is good for your area
IV. Writing: Imagine an ideal means of transport for your area. Write a short description of it
Suggested writing:
We live in Ba Vi, a mountainous area to the north of Ha Noi. Our road system is not very good so it used to be quite difficult to travle around. Now we make it easier with a new kind means of transport. We call it Super Kite. It looks like a kite but it has 3 wheels. It use wind and water….
Review 4
Lesson 2: Skills (P 69)
I. Reading:
II. Speaking:
III. Listening:
IV. Writing:
V. Homework:
Complete your writing
Redo the exercises at home.
The bye bye song

Bye, bye.
See you tomorrow.
Bye, bye.
See you tomorrow.
Bye, bye.
See you tomorrow.
Bye, bye. Bye, bye.
The bye bye
Thanks for your attention
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