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Unit 13. Films and cinema

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Tham khảo cùng nội dung: Bài giảng, Giáo án, E-learning, Bài mẫu, Sách giáo khoa, ...
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Ngày gửi: 13h:00' 19-06-2014
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Warm up:
+ What is this?
- It’s a face
It’s a vase
+ What ‘s the different between the two words?
Suggested answer:
Different meanings.
Different consonant sounds.


Period: 82
UNIT 13:
/ f / / v /
Fan fiction van vote
First photograph vine Stephen
Form enough view leave
Ex: I turned off the television in the middle of the program. (bore)
- The program was __boring _.
- I was _bored_ with the program.
Adjective ending – ING or – ED
+ Adjective ending with ING used with nouns refering to things implying the active meaning.
+ Adjective ending with ED used with nouns refering to people implying the passive meaning.
Grammar and vocabulary:
1. It’s been raining all day. I hate this weather. ( depress).
a) The weather is _depressing _
b) This weather makes me _depressed _
2. Astronomy is one of Tan’s main interests. ( interest)
a) Tan is _interested _ in astronomy.
b) He finds astronomy very _interesting _
3. Huong teaches small children. It’s a hard job. (exhaust)
a) Huong often finds her job _ exhausting_
b) At the end of the day’s work she is often_exhausted _
When did you first study English?
- In 2002
So you didn’t study English before that?
- Yes.
Yeah, so it was not until 2002 that you started to learn English.
Ex: The football match didn’t start until the lights were on.

It was not until the lights were on (that) the football started.
Answer the questions:
It was not until + Time/S + V (that) + S + V (simple past)
1. She didn’t become a teacher until 1990.
It was not until 1990 (that) she became a teacher.
2. He didn’t know how to swim until he was 30.
It was not until he was 30 (that) he knew how to swim.
3. The he didn’t do his homework until his father came home.
It was not until his father came home (that) he did his homework.
Exercise : 3
- a + singular countable noun beginning with a consonant (ex. A dog ,a bag, etc.)
- An + singular countable noun beginning with a vowel ( ex. An orange, an ice cream, etc.)
* We do not use a / an together with another determiner (ex. My, this, etc.)
+ the + singular countable noun.
+ the + plural countable noun.
+ the + uncountable noun.
* We do not use “the” together with another determiner (ex. My, this, etc.)
1).This morning I bought (0) a newspaper and (1) ____magazine.(2) ___ newspaper is in my bag, but I don’t know where I put (3) ____magazine.
2). I saw (4) ____accident this morning. (5) ____car crashed into (6) ___ tree. (7) ___driver of (8) ___ car wasn’t hurt, but (9) ____car was badly damaged.
Exercis 4:
1. It’s sometimes __________ when you have to ask people for money. (embarrass)
2. I didn’t find the situation funny. I was not ________ (amuse)
3. He didn’t teach Mathematics until 2005.
It was not until _______________________.
4. My friend lives in ___ old house in ____ small village. There is ____ beautiful garden behind _____house.
More exercises:
2005 (that) he taught Mathematics
- Go through and learn the lesson.
- Do the exercises again.
- Prepare new lesson Unit 14: Reading
Homework :
Thank you for your attention
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