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Unit 6. Viet Nam: Then and now. Lesson 4. Communication

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Welcome to our class!
Our neighborhood over twenty years ago.
Our neighborhood at the moment.
Period 45: Communication
Lesson plan for English 9
1. suffer from(v):
2. manual labor (n):
3. illiteracy (n):
4. mushroom (v):
chịu đựng
nạn mù chữ
mọc lên như nấm
lao động thủ công
5. exporter (n):
nhà xuất khẩu
6. dramatically(adv):
đột ngột
7. beneficial(a):
có ích, có lợi
8. cashew nut(n):
hạt điều
Complete the sentences with suitable words .
1. We …………..heavy losses in the covid-19 disease crisis.
2. There was ninety percent of ………………… in Viet Nam before 1945.
3. Viet Nam is one of the world’s third ………...............of rice nowadays.

4. High-rise buildings are …………… ... in big cities and towns.
They are Kate, Charles and Peter. They come to Viet Nam after many years. What do they think about the changes in Viet Nam now?
A.Predict if the following statements are true (T) or false (F).
1. Read the posts on Viet Travel Forum (VTF) from
people who visited Viet Nam a long time ago.
Check your prediction

2. Read the posts on Viet Travel Forum (VTF) and retell them to your friends
a. What kind of sentences will we use to retell the passages ?
- We will use “Reported speech”.
b.Which of the changes when we retell?
- pronouns , adverbs and verbs (move back a tense) .
Answer these questions:
1. Retell in your speech but don’t change the original content.
2. Without using the exact words or we can use synonyms for better sentences.
3. Omit some form words.
4. Some changes are necessary such as; pronouns, adverbs and verbs (move back a tense) .
Work in pairs:

-You pass the ball to the other next to you as listening the song.
-When the song stops, the person having the ball has to retell Kate ( Charles and Peter) to your friends.
- If you can’t do it, you will be odded out .
-The game will finish when three posts are retold.
Game: Passing the ball
Retell the posts to your friends::
I went to Ha Noi in August 1997, two years after Viet Nam joined ASEAN. The road system in Ha Noi was very simple then. It has dramatically changed over the last 18 years. Flyovers and high-rise buildings are mushrooming!
Peter from the USA
Peter is from America. He said that he had gone to Ha Noi in 1997 when Viet Nam had been part of ASEAN for two years . He was shocked/astonished to see that so much had changed over the last 18 years
– flyovers and high-rise buildings were mushrooming.
In 1995, I went back to Viet Nam after 30 years and to my surprise, the population was three times higher but the country no longer suffered illiteracy. It had also become one of the world’s largest exporters of rice, which was another surprise for me.
Charles from France
Charles is from France. He said that the first time he had been to Viet Nam was in 1965. He said that many people were/had been illiterate then but he was astonished that after nearly 30 years there was no more illiteracy although the population had nearly tripled. He was also surprised to learn that the country was one of the largest rice exporting countries .
The first time I was in Ho Chi Minh City was in 1983. Most people rode bicycles then and there were very few motorbikes on the road. Ten years later, when I came back, the city had dramatically changed, with 800,000 motorbikes and two million bicycles on the roads.
Kate from Russia
Kate is from Russia. She said that she had been to
Ho Chi Minh City for the first time in 1983. Ten years later , she was amazed to see so many motorbikes.

Imagine you are foreign visitors. They will take part in a writing contest with the title “whose best posts about Vietnam Then and Now” on Viet Travel Forum.
These awards are for whose best posts.
3.Work in groups. Use the suggestions in the table to write as many posts as possible about the recent changes in Viet Nam that you have heard of or read about(use the posts in 1 as a model ). Remember to use adjectives or adverbs to modify the changes.
Which of the changes do you think are the most beneficial?
4. Present your group’s posts to other groups.
I went to Viet Nam in 1996. There were mostly manual labor and agricultural productions. 12 years later, when I came back, the country had dramatically changed, there were more technology and equipment and more industrial production too.
Last year, I went back to Ho Chi Minh city after 20 years and to my surprise, there were more services. There were also many opportunities for university (inside and outside the country), which were another surprise for me.
Presenting your project.
These awards are for the best posts.
Vote for the best post
Talk about recent changes in our neighborhood.
Our neighborhood has dramatically changed for 10 years.
Before there was mostly agricultural production, but there is more industrial production now…
A. Using the lexical items related to changes in Viet Nam in the past and at present.

1.What have we learnt about today?
B. Talking about transport system and other fields in Viet Nam.
C. Retelling the posts and expressing the opinions about these changes.
D. All the above are correct.
A. The answer depends on your actions.

2.After our lesson, you know about the changes between “Then and Now” in our homeland and how can we help our school as well as the country to develop?
B. We ought to preserve good things in the past .
C. We should encourage people to protect our school’s facilities as well as our neighbourhood.

D. All the above are correct.

- Learn by heart new words.
Prepare Unit 6 : Skills 1
Keep doing the project :“ the changes “Viet Nam : Then and Now” in school life or in your neighborhood in the next lesson.

the end
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