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Unit 11. Books

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Bac Yen Thanh School
Teacher: Hoang Thi Ha
Welcome to our school
Sunday, January 16th 2011

The Rule of quiz
Look at the pictures and give the kind of book by ordering the letters on the tables. If you give the answer correctly and the most quickly, you will get 10 marks. The time for each picture is 10 seconds
Comic books
Comic books
Science books

TASK 1,2 : Work in pairs. Complete the following conversation and ask and answer other’s reading habits.
A:- What ________________________________?
B:- Well, I like reading all sorts of books. Short stories, science fiction, romance, everything.
A:- How _________________________?
B:- Well, I often read through the book quickly first. Then I start reading it again, and this time very slowly to enjoy every detail of it.
A:- When _________________________?
B:- I read books whenever I have a little free time. I also read while waiting for the bus or during the break at school.
sort (kind) of books do you like to read
do you often read books?
do you often read books?
Before you speak
ACTIVITY 1: Work in pairs. Complete the following conversation by using one of the suggested questions and practise reading it.
1- What do you often do in your free time?
2- What are you doing now?
3- What are you reading at the moment ?
4- Do you like reading books?
5- What soft( kind) of books do you like reading ?
6- How do you often read?
7- When do you often read?
8 – Who is the main character?
9- Who wrote this book? ( Who is the author)
10- What is he/ she like?
11- What is the title of the book?
12- What does the story talk about?
A:- ________________________________?
B:- At the moment? Well, I‘m reading “The Chamber of secrets”, one of Harry Potter books.
A:- _________________________?
B:- The main character? A young boy, Harry Potter, whose parents are dead and who is trained to be a wizard in a wizard school.
A:- _________________________?
B:- He is brave, witty and very kind to other people.
What are you reading at the moment
What is the main character
What is she/he like?
Activity 2: Practise the conversation using the cues below
1- Name of the book “The legend of Robinhood”
Main character: Robinhood
Other features: a legendary hero who lived in Sherwood forest, he lived outside the law, stealing from the rich to help the poor
2- Name of the book “ The old man and the Sea
The author: Ernest Hemingway
Main character: An old man Santiago
The plot of the story: talk about an old man tried to against with a big fish (Cá kiếm - Xiphias ) for 3 days, but finally he lost his fish by the sharks
While Speaking
Work in pairs.
Ask and answer about the book you are reading at the moment or you have already read recently. Note down the answers.
Post speaking
Work individually.
Report the result to the class.
Suggested answer:
At the moment, Nam is reading “Die Another Day” – a detective story. The main character is James Bond – 007. He is very brave, talented, handsome, intelligent and humorous. He struggled against terrorism and saved the world from the war.
Answer the question:
Why do you read book?
Good Bye!
See you next time!
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