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Unit 4. Music and Arts. Lesson 3. A closer look 2

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Nguồn: Nguyễn Công Tuấn
Người gửi: Trần Lê Bảo Tú
Ngày gửi: 13h:18' 31-10-2020
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1. guitar
2. drum
3. Dan Bau (Monochord)
4. violin
5. cello
6. saxophone
7. piano
Answer key
Unit 4:
musIC and art
Tom Cruise is as tall as Cameron Diaz.
Tom Cruise
Cameron diaz
We are the same height
a. Comparisons
EQUALITIES: (So sánh bằng)
Tom Cruise is AS tall AS Cameron Diaz (is).
Nam drives AS carefully AS I do (me).
My mother is NOT SO fat AS my sister (is).
EQUALITIES: (So sánh bằng)
My mother is NOT SO fat AS my sister (is).
Note: In spoken English we can also say:
My mother is NOT AS fat AS my sister is.
Classical music is not as exciting as rock and roll.
The price of food is the same as it was last year.
City life is quite different from life in the country.
1. John is 1 meter 80cms tall. Dave is 1 meter 80cms tall. (John/be/tall)
2. Seville has temperatures of 40ºC. Cordova has temperatures of 40ºC. (Seville/be/hot)
3. John is not very clever. Mary is cleverer. (John/be/clever)
4. The blue car is not expensive. The red car is more expensive. (The blue car/be/expensive)
5. Mrs Jones talks very quietly. Mrs Smith talks more loudly. (Mrs Jones/talk/loudly)
John is as tall as Dave (is).
Seville is as hot as Cordova (is).
John is not so (as) clever as Marry. (is)
The blue car is not so (as) expensive as the red one.
Mrs Jones does not talk so/as loudly as Mrs Smith (does).
1. Put as, or in the gaps.
1. The music festival this year is as good ______ it was last year.
2. The concert will be broadcast `live`: that means it comes on TV at the same time ______ it is performed.
3. This camera is not as expensive ______ I thought at first.
4. Your taste in art is quite different ______ mine.
5. Some people say that Spider-Man 2 is as boring _______ Spider-Man 1.
6. My mother is always as busy ______ a bee.
2. Put one of these phrases in each gap in the passage.

as narrow as
as quiet as
different from
the same as
friendly as
My hometown has changed a lot – it’s definitely not
(1)____________ it was before. It’s not (2) ___________ it was 5 years ago. It’s much more noisy, but I prefer it now. There are more shops and restaurants. The restaurants are (3) _____________ the ones we had before. Now we can eat many different kinds of food – Italian, French, and even Mexican!
There have been so many changes. Even the streets
are not (4) ____________ they were before. They are
wider now to make space for the extra traffic.
One thing hasn’t changed though. The people here
are as warm and (5) _____________ before. That’s
one thing that’s (6) ______________ it was before.
the same as
3. Work in pairs. Compare the two music clubs in the town: Young Talent and Nightingale.
Young Talent is not as old as Nightingale.
/ Nightingale is older than Young Talent.
3. Complete the sentences with used to or use to and the verbs in the box below.
be ride play go feel
1. I ___________ a tricycle when I was a child.
2. There __________ fewer people and
vehicles on the roads.
3. My father __________to work by motorbike.
Now he cycles.
4. ____ you ___________ hide-and-seek when you were small?
5. Five years ago people in this town____ not __________ worried about traffic jams.
used to ride
used to be
used to go
use to play
use to feel
b. too and either
A: I like pop music.
B: I like it too.

A: My mum doesn’t like rock and roll.
B: My mum doesn’t like it either.
5. Complete the following sentences with ‘too’
or ‘either’.
1. My friend likes photography, and I like it _____.
2. My mother doesn’t enjoy horror films, and my sister doesn’t ______.
3. I was not allowed to go to the show, and my classmates were not ______.
4. I love country music, and I like rock and roll
5. When I finish painting my room, I’ll do the kitchen ______.
5. What music and arts are you interested, or not interested in? Make a list by completing the sentences below. (You can use the words given or your own ideas).

going to the
playing the guitar
rock and roll
pop music
art gallery
1. I’m very interested in _____________.
2. I think ______________ is very boring.
3. What I like to do most in my spare time is
4. In my spare time, I often ________________.
5. I never _____________________, even if I have time.
6. Work in pairs. Share your list with your partner. Then, report to the class using too/either.

Nam is interested in drawing and I am too.

Phong doesn’t like folk music and I don’t either.
Hi, everybody! I am Nguyen Van Teo. I have had an interesting talk with Nam and now I’ll tell you some information about our talk.

Nam is interested in drawing and I am too. He doesn’t like folk music and I don’t either. He likes reading novels and comic books, but I don’t. He enjoys watching films on TV and I do too. He hates playing computer games and I don’t like them either.
Report model
1. "I`m tired!" “____________”
2. "I don`t go to the cinema very often." "_____________"
3. "It rained on Saturday." “It rains today______"
4. "I`ll be late for the tennis party." "___________"
5. "I don`t like beans." "I don`t like beans ______"
6. Pop music is _____________ rock and roll.
7. Nam’s height is ___________ he was last year.
8. City life is quite ___________ life in the country.
Consolidation: Complete the sentences.
I am too
I don’t either
I will too
the same as
different from
as exciting as
Yes, through the lesson we can now use equality in comparison, use ‘too’ to to express agreement with a positive statement and ‘either’ with a negative statement.
Please tell me what you have learnt today.
See you again!
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