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Unit 12. Music

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Ngày gửi: 09h:14' 27-12-2015
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Welcome to Phù Yên high school!
Phù Yên Town, Sơn La city
Teacher : Nguyen Thi Thu Thao
Welcome to our class, 10 A3 !
Look at the picture and answer the question:
Who is he?
Van Cao
Name some songs of Van Cao.
Tien Quan Ca, Suoi Mo, Truong Ca Song Lo, Lang Toi, Ngay Mua, Mua Xuan Dau Tien, Truong Chi...
-> Today we are going to write a profile about him
Unit 12 : Music
D - Writing
I. Before writing
Task 1: Work in pairs. Use the prompts below to make up complete sentences about Scott Joplin, a famous American musician.

Scott Joplin (1886- 1917)
1. Learn to do sth : h?c lm gì
2. compose (v): /k?m`p?z/ soạn nhạc
3. Tune (n): /tju:n / giai di?u
4. All in all (idm): nói chung, nhìn chung
5. rag (n): /r"g/ một bản nhạc Ragtime
6. Ragtime (n) : / `r"g taim/ một thể nhạc dành cho piano, chịu ảnh hưởng của nhạc Jazz, rất phổ biến ở Hoa Kỳ vào đầu thế kỷ 20
*Use the verbs in the simple past tense.
S + V ( past tense)
*Use prepositions , conjunctions when necessary .
In + year : in 1939
On + month + date, year:
on November 15th, 1923

0. Scott was born in Texas in 1886, into a poor but musical black family
1. He learned to play music when he was young.
2. Scott learned to play the works of composers like Bach, Beethoven and Mozart as well as to compose music.
3. He quickly became famous.
4. His tunes were wonderful mixture of classical European and African beats which were known as Ragtime.
5. All in all, he wrote 50 piano rags, and was called the King of Ragtime.
6. Scott Joplin died in 1917
(1886 - 1917)

II. While writing

Task 2 : Write about the life story of Van Cao, using the prompts below.
VAN CAO (1923 - 1995)
Task 2 : Write about the life story of Van Cao , using the prompts below

Name : Van Cao
Born : 15 – 11 – 1923
Place of birth : Nam Dinh
Family : Poor workers
be born
Start composing music : when very young
Start / be
First song : 1939 , quickly famous
Tien Quan Ca (National Anthem ) : 1944
Artistic works : songs , poems , paintings
Died :10-7 –1995
III. After writing
His first song was written in 1939 and he quickly became famous. He composed Tien Quan ca (National Anthem) in 1944. His artistic works included songs, poems and paintings. He died on July 10th , 1995. He was known as a very talented musician and highly appreciated by the Vietnamese people.
Van Cao was born in Nam Dinh on November 15th , 1923, into a poor workers’ family.
He started composing music when he was very young.
Complete the writing at home.
Prepare Unit 12- Language focus.
Name : Trinh Cong Son
 Born : 28 –02 - 1939
 Place of birth : Dac Lac
 Start composing music : 1958
First song : UOT MY
Died : 2001
Known as very talented musician and highly appreciated by the Vietnamese people

Write a profile about Trinh Cong Son
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