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Unit 11. Science and Technology. Lesson 3. A Closer Look 2

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Người gửi: Trần Hiền Anh
Ngày gửi: 22h:06' 03-09-2018
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Welcome to English Class
Let’s learn English !
Review: Future simple
Review: Future simple

Work in groups. Write as much as you remember about present simple

1. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tenses.
1. will have 4. won’t pass
2. will be working 5. decide; will support
3. will she be
2. Work in pairs. Read the following predictions about the year 2040 and say whether you think it will happen.
Reported speech
Reported spech
Reported speech
4. Complete sentence b in each pair so that it means the same as sentence a, using reported speech
1. b. Nick said that he came from a small town in England.
2. b. My friends said that Brazil would win the World Cup.
3. b. Olive told Chau that she was leaving Vietnam the next day.
4. b. David told Catherine that he was unable to read her writing.
5. b. Minh said that he had overslept that morning
5. Change the following sentences into reported speech, using the words given in brackets
1. He said that he hadn’t said anything at the meeting the week before.
2. She told me that letter had been opened.
3. Tom said that in 50 years’ time we would probably be living on Mars.
4. Mi said that she hoped they would build a city out at sea.
5. Son told us that his wish was to become a young inventor
Learn by heart rules of reported speech
Do exercises in workbook
Prepare communication
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